Thursday, August 23, 2012

More vacation

Day 3 got a later start we had breakfast and coffee in the room, Drew headed out after breakfast and we watched a movie. After the movie we took killer to the pier. A storm was rolling in from St. Simons which was beautiful to watch. There were 6-7 dolphins playing around the pier. While we were there a fisherman caught a small shark and clay and sarah got to touch it. Someone else had caught a crab and clay let killer check it out. She did not like it, apparently my crustacaphobia rubbed off on her.
Sarah left later that evening and we were lazy, we got stuck watching "wild man" which is a pretty hilarious show about turtle man ( a guy who catches vermin or nuisance animals).
Day 4 we slept in again and then headed over to Brunswick. We got some fro-yo and drove onto St. Simons. We walked around the village and sat out on the pier for a while. We got pumpkin muffins for later at the 4th of May. We were trying to figure out what to do for dinner and ran across the website for blackwater grill. This place had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives so we had to check it out. We had 2 hours to kill before they opened so we drove around the island went to a little pet store and a natural food market where I got a fresh apple, carrot, and ginger juice. Yum!
We had a really nice dining experience at the Blackwater Grill. Then we headed back to Jekyll and got ready to go mix and mingle with Clay's work folks. We had a nice time and a super late night. We got in around 3 and I was so lazy the next day! We watched a lot of tv and waited for the tide to go out so there would be beach at the villas then we took killer back to the ocean. We had gotten her a tiny little inflatable pool that we put her in she could float with us out in the water. When we got back she got a bath in the sink and then snuggled down in a blanket in her new favorite spot (in the recliner). Clay has his conference stuff starting tomorrow, all this rainy weather has made me lazy so who knows what I'll be doing.

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