Monday, August 20, 2012

Beach Day 1

We headed out Friday for vacation after loading down my little car with a weeks worth of stuff and a killer dog. We stopped and picked up some bbq in Macon and dropped by Mema's for dinner. We had a nice visit with her and she enjoyed seeing the great gandpup. With sleepy eyes we headed south and were glad when we got to Clay's mom's house. The next morning we got up and had a giant spread for breakfast/brunch before heading to the beach. Killer got her fair share of spoilage too between the cat food and dog treats.
we got to the beach later that afternoon and got checked in, we like our little home away from home! We headed to the grocery store to get our essentials . Sister Sarah came down too and met us at the grocery store. We finished up there and headed to Willie's wee-nee wagon for some grub. We brought all our stuff back and had a relaxing meal at the villa. Clay eventually fell asleep in the recliner and Sarah and I strolled to the boardwalk and sat there listening to the waves and enjoying a cup of coffee in the seaside night air. We went to bed after getting back and I had a 4 hour power nap and was good to go at 7am. Clay was up early and we took Killer down for her first look at the beach. We sat in the Adirondacks and watched Killer excitedly greet everyone that passed by.

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