Friday, January 6, 2012

Double Up

4 things I did well today

(even though I felt like ass - thanks sis for that fantastic photo I knew it would come in handy one day)

Thursday 1/5/12

1. Didn't make excuses - I walked the dogs even though I could feel Clay's nasty cold coming on
2. Looked up a few new stretches and tried them out
3. Was lazy thanks to the cold and didn't let myself feel guilty about it
4. Didn't give into temptation when Clay brought home chicken fingers and tater logs, I had 1 chicken finger and 3 tater logs.

(Yeah I am calling you out for bringing home chicken fingers, tater logs, and giving me this crappy cold!)

Friday 1/6/12

1. Didn't feel guilty about calling in sick (better not to spread it around and I would have felt miserable all night)
2. Didn't use being sick as an excuse for free for all eating (even though I really wanted some SPICY Mexican food so I could breathe again)
3. Finished a book and started a new one
4. Did research on joining a CSA (got to talk to Clay about this one, but I found one that delivers locally and I would like to do this I think)

(It's ok, I love him anyway. I am glad he is feeling better even though he passed it along.)

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