Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week One Do Life 2012 Challenge Submission

  • Write down five quantifiable goals for yourself. And they must be realistically achievable within one month.
  • Assess yourself and write down your current stats in all five areas.
  • By Monday night, get on the floor an do as many pushups as you can.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Add 30 minutes to your average week and push the intensity during those 30 minutes.
  • Identify your biggest excuse. Write it down on a wall in your house. Then in your notebook write a way to eliminate that excuse.
  • Each night before bed, write four things you did well that day.
My 5 Goals/Current Assessment:

1. Walk dogs at least 2 times per week/Never did this before

2. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day/ I had been drinking about 1 liter per day, sometimes not even that much especially on nights that I work.

3. Stretching after every workout/ I very rarely did this, and usually only if it was a particularly hard workout.

4. Run a mile in less that 9 minutes by the end of the month/ On Dec 30, 2011 I ran my fastest mile at 9:59.

5. Eat at least one fruit or veggie with EVERY meal/ I am guessing that I did this about 75% of the time, not scientific but I think it is pretty close.
I stocked up on fruits and veggies

Pushups: I did 6 standard push-ups

My plan to add the 30 minutes of increased intensity exercise:

To begin with, my plan is to add 6 days of 5 minute Tabata style workouts per week. I got my inspiration from RunEatRepeat I may change this or I may really like it and stick with it.

My Biggest Excuse:

"I will/can do it later"
My plan to combat this is to just STOP saying this. I know there is no time like the present. If I put it off something may come up later, do it now while I can.

I have been posting my 4 things I have done well
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

This week has gone incredibly well. I feel pleased with the goals I set for myself! I made a cork board and placed it in an obvious place with my goals and my biggest excuse on it to remind myself to keep my head on straight. The thing that I have enjoyed the most this week is goal #1. I have actually walked the dogs 4 times this week for a total of 6 miles. This is in addition to my 30 extra minutes plus my normal 200ish minutes of workouts per week. I typically don't feel like I am exercising unless I am pouring sweat, so it was nice to be exercising and for it to be calm and not strenuous. It felt good to my legs, it cleared my mind, I just enjoyed being outside, and the dogs had a blast. This is also something that I have been able to do the past couple of days even with the cold *sniffle sniffle* that I have been battling so I don't feel guilty about not exercising.

Drinking the water has been easy, it is just a matter of counting and making sure that I do it. I can't say that I enjoy # 3 - stretching, anymore than I used to but I have been making myself do it consistently. I am decreasing my mile time, almost halfway to my goal already with a 9:35 the other day. Last but not least the fruit/veggie with every meal = not a problem so far. I LOVE the 30 extra increased intensity minutes the way I have been doing it, they are so easy to work in! I agree with many of the other Do Lifers that the hardest part for me has been writing the 4 things that I did well. Really? just 4 things...this can be a tough one for sure!

My cork board with goals and my biggest excuse

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