Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To the Zoo

We had a Groupon for the Atlanta Zoo that expired the end of the month so we stopped by the zoo on the way home from the mountains. The last time I went to the zoo was 5-6 years ago and I went to the zoo in Washington D.C. Compared to that, this zoo was somewhat of a let down. There were many areas that needed a little TLC, some paint here a little landscaping there. I was disappointed and little sad for the animals that stay there because some of their habitats seemed to be lacking.

There were several animals that we didn't get to see due to the cold weather. We didn't miss the naked mold rats though, they were warm and toasty in their special house.

Top left corner, check out that meerkat. Those were too cute! But my favorite animal of the day was the otters. I was enjoying watching them so much I forgot to take a picture. I have never seen otters outside of the water and they were so goofy and uncoordinated flopping around land with their giant tails it was a sight to see.

Watch out Clay! There is a monkey behind you.

The gorillas were lazy but it was cool to see the mamas holding their little babies in their laps.

I LOVE petting zoos. I was disappointed in this one because the only animal they had was a herd of goats. At least there were a lot of goats to go around since there were like 100 children plus me trying to pet them. However, since it was a zoo, I expected at least a cow, horse, pig, or SOMETHING else to pet besides goats. It did not stop me from getting my goat pet on though.

We finished the evening of right with a delicious Groupon meal at Bahel Ethiopian restaurant with Eric. We even found a Scoutmob deal for him so we made out like bandits. The food was super tasty! Now back to reality. Work the next two nights and I have GOT to get back on the health wagon. Gym, fruits, veggis, and water here I come!

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