Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eric's Birthday

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We went to Savannah this weekend to celebrate Eric's 40th birthday. We got down there Friday evening and checking in to the Days Inn Ellis Square. Decent hotel, great centralized location. We went out in search of dinner and ate at Molly McPherson's which was a little underwhelming compared to our last time there. We strolled around and looked at the Christmas lights up everywhere. We went in the AT Hun gallery where we got our Pete the Cat, an were pleased to see that we made an art investment. The same sized pieces are selling for 300% more now. Pretty neat!

I got my exercise in so that I wouln't feel bad about imbibing and so I wouldn't gain 5 pounds on the trip. Also, I needed to get in m long run, so I did a total of 9 miles walking around town and running on the hotel treadmill.

We went to Kevin Barry's the second night and shut them down. I had noticed a post from a high school friend that he was in town to run the bridge an we ended up all getting together for a while and caught up which was really nice, I hadn't seen him but once in the last 10 years.

Clay insisted on wearing his Hawaiian shirt, it was too painful for Eric to look at, obviously!

We checked out the crafts show that they had down on Riverstreet. We got the most amazing smelling candle, it smells just like the inside of a coffee house.

We watched the boats go by. We could actually see the river from the hotel since we were on the 5th floor even though we were back on Bay street. Before we left we browsed the stores on Broughton and ate some delicious food at Papillote (a small French Cafe on Broughton). OMG yum! On the way home, we stopped in Statesboro and visited with Scott, Blair, Kevin, and Anna and ate dinner at the wonderful Holiday Pizza. A stuffed pepper, some of their delicious salad, and ziki sauce later I was a happy girl. It helped that I brought home a giant mason jar of their house dressing too!


  1. I don't know what your talking about, that Hawaiian shirt was dead sexy right there, shoot I'm thinking of getting me one... hehehe.

    Good times.. :)

  2. If you never want another woman under the age of 60 to look at ya, this is the shirt to have. ;)

  3. When I think of the hours and hours and hours spent searching out the perfect leather jacket for little ole me, tears come to my eyes. I am surprised there was time for any other activity on the trip. AND Clay, sexy is not even strong enough of a word to describe you in your Hawaiin shirt. But then, you know that right!?!