Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Accomplishments of 2011

I wanted to focus on some Non Scale Victories for the past year.

1.) I can bench press 20lbs more than in March

2.) I increased my sit and reach by 1.5 inches and I HATE stretching

3.) I lost 7 inches from my waist

4.) I lost 3 inches from my hips

5.) I lost 5% body fat

6.) I am no longer obese or overweight

7.) My heart rate after a 3 minute step test is 60 beats per minute less than in March

8.) I can do 7 men's style push ups which I haven't been able to do since elementary school, I couldn't do any in March

9.) I feel MUCH more confident!

10.) I enjoy shopping for clothes and can buy clothes in any store (ok I still have to search for talls)

11.) I look forward to trying new things with much less anxiety

12.) I have much less back, leg, and foot pain

13.) I have tried lots of new healthy food items (there will be a post on this soon)

14.) I have tried to be a positive role model for those close to me, hopefully I have or will inspire someone to better their life

15.) My relationship with others, especially my husband has improved with my increased confidence and more positive outlook on life

16.) I feel more rested (most of the time, I do work night shift and keep crazy hours and still crash on the porch sometimes)

17.) Oh, and did I mention that I am wearing the smallest size I have ever worn since being an adult. What? Yes you heard me right!

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  1. Love the fallen asleep picture and connection to rest. Great accomplishments. I am so proud!