Saturday, July 30, 2011

Out on the Lake

Went out on the boat today and had a blast! Rode on a giant inflatable 3-person raft behind the boat, got thrown off multiple times and swallowed lots of lake water. I learned that I needed to wear the cut off socks on my elbows because I didn't at first and now my elbows are all scuffed up.

I did not jump off "jumping rock" but mom, Walker, and the kids did. I did attempt the rope swing. I kinda did a run down the slick clay hill and splash out into the water trial run. Never did a fo sho rope swing. It was the best my tired arms could do. The video of both mine and mom's attempts did bring laughing tears to everyone's eyes when we played it back. I worked on my suntan.

We came back and unloaded and Clay came out with us to watch Walker and Jim surf behind the boat.

Jim's boat makes a big enough wave behind it to surf without having to hold onto a rope after you get up. It was so fun watching them, and they made it look so easy that I decided to give it a shot. I drank a lot more lake water several times and never even made it vertical on the board. I may try again tomorrow. I realized after coming in for dinner that my suntan was actually a sunburn, so I can mark soaking up more rays from my to do list tomorrow.

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