Friday, July 22, 2011

After a Long Shift

I am off work for a much needed vacay but in memory of those long hours I thought I would post some sleepy drive home pics. This was all I could do to stay awake one morning after getting off. We work 12 hour shifts, however with nursing sometimes you just cannot finish what needs to be done in 12 and unfortunately things often go bad at shift change ending up in 13-16 hour shifts. YAWN!

The old eye-prop. Not very effective that morning I might add.

The slap in the face, also not very effective that morning except to make me laugh and then right back to being sleepy.

Tried and true, can't even make it out of the car and into the house so I'll just take a quick nap in the driveway =) I am sure the neighbors wonder about me. Now I am off to enjoy my sleep filled lazy vacation.

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