Sunday, October 20, 2013

Great Georgia Airshow

Last weekend Clay and I went to the Great Georgia Airshow up in Peachtree City.  It was a nice back-roads drive up and perfect weather.   I can't remember ever going to an airshow before and to be honest I was a little apprehensive because of the accidents I have seen on the news that have occurred at these things.  That being said, I didn't realize how big this event was going to be.  I was surprised when we had to park in this giant field at an industrial building and cram into buses to get to the actual event.

We brought a couple of waters and 2 fold out chairs and found us a place to set up.  One shared funnel cake and bar b que sandwich later we were settled in for some neck-straining fun.  We watched planes do loop-d-loops, and spirals turns, fly straight up in the air, fall straight down toward the ground, or more impressively fall fluttering toward the ground.  We even saw a rocket truck race and beat a plane, it went about 364 miles per hour. 

When the rocket truck started up it made this giant wall of smoke that moved across the field where everyone was sitting.  I think it scared a few people and they started jumping up and the poor kid below starting running away.  The cloud of smoke blew around us for a minute and blocked the sun for just a bit then we were back to being roasted.  It was a beautiful and sunny day and both of us forgot to apply sunscreen.  We stayed till there were no more aerial acrobatics to be seen, then we waited in a 30 minute line for the buses to pick up back up.  Then we were hungry, Yelped, and found a great little spot called the Pita by Beruit.  Delicious! 

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