Sunday, October 20, 2013

What have we been doing lately?

We went out to Decatur for Clay's birthday.  Sitting outside a pub there having appetizers we saw a couple with their rather chunk vizsla.  Clay talked to the owners and it turns out that she came from the same breeder, Wingshot Kennels, that Lily came from.  They also said she had never been particularly active....What!  Lily is straight concentrated energy.  
Later we had a delicious dinner at the Iberian Pig!  Fantastic mushroom pizza, super moist tenderloin, and delicious bacon wrapped dates filled our bellies up.  We watched the fireworks that had been postponed from 4th of July then moved over to Leon's Full Service where we played bocce ball.  Happy Birthday Clay!

On one of my runs this little guy caught my eye just hanging out in the road.  Maybe it was praying not to get run over?  I got the beautiful and different flower arrangement from the Mulberry Market farmers market in Macon.  That table also sells fresh herbs and I got some lemongrass and made a delicious thai salad and lemongrass dressing.

See that little dot at the top of the hill below?  That is Lily.  I recently took her off leash on accident and since she was already off I decided to give it a go and see how she did.  She pleasantly surprised me.  She would run around and check things out but never got too far away and would often turn around to make sure I was still coming.

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