Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lemon Cake

I tried a new Pinterest recipe today for a Lemon Blossom Cake.  Clay is having some work folks over for dinner tonight I needed to try out a cake to take to my job next Thursday so I baked this beauty.  I mixed 2 parts of the recipe by covering the bottom layer with the glaze and then icing the cake also.  I haven't gotten to try it yet, waiting on everyone to get here tonight, so I will have to update this post later.

I took this picture after I glazed the first layer.  The glaze was a little thin and too runny, I think I may have added too much lemon juice.

I brought in some gardenia blossoms and butterfly bush blossoms to bring some garden beauty inside.

We aren't really sure if the bees are going to be ok.  We did a hive inspection 3 days ago and didn't see any larvae or eggs.  There were plenty of bees and lots of honey and pollen, we also saw what looked to be a queen cell and lots of drone bees coming and going.  We are wondering if our queen has died and they have made another one, we will have to wait and see.  I looked at the outside of the hive today and there were lots of bees coming and going and there were bees in the super we added on top but they have not filled out any of the new frames.

Our magnolia tree grew a blossom this year, we have GOT to get this baby in the yard  in the fall.  

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