Thursday, March 7, 2013

Puppy Shenanigans

Killer and Lily roughhousing.
They are ready to go.  Killer got herself all wiggled down behind the luggage so she could sit up straight.  They were not happy when we only went about 5 miles and dropped them off at the Vet.  Lily got spayed while we were gone.  Clay had his conference in Hiawassee and the cabin wasn't pet friendly. 
Lily has decided she loves the bathtub.  She gets in now whenever we go in the bathroom and looks all "hey! where is the water?"  Luckily she hasn't figured out how to turn on the water but I am sure that is coming.

She loves to keep her toenails clean.
After it rained last week, Lily dug a hole in the clay in the yard then hopped into bed and on me in the bed.  These are the days that Lily gets called "red devil" instead of Lily.  
If my frisbee throwing skills would improve, I think that she could catch it already.  She does still fetch it though.
She is growing so fast, she is a little over 30lbs now.  Also, she is getting too big for the dog door so we are going to have to put in a larger one.
It was so cold one day recently and Lily was shivering a little so I put on one of Chico's old sweatshirts. She was not sure about it.
Sometimes, Lily has run around enough and decides to lay down and sleep right next to you on your pillow, sometimes she wants to dog-hug you while doing this.
Other times she chills out with Clay and watches television.

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