Monday, September 3, 2012

Homemade detergent and more zucchini

I got both of these ideas/recipes from Pinterest.  Above are Zucchini "tots" or bites,  I have linked to the recipe.  They are very easy to make and Clay really loved these, in fact I think that I will be making another batch tomorrow.
I am giving the homemade laundry detergent a try as well.  I got this recipe from HERE. I made up a batch tonight and will give it a try tomorrow and will update this post with my thoughts on it below.  The cost of the ingredients above was less than $8 and will make many gallons of detergent since it uses only as much as 3tbsp of each per gallon.  I am excited about this.

Review:  I use an HE front-loading washer  and was excited and apprehensive to try out a load.  Good news!  Everything turned out perfectly fine, not noticeable suds.  As others mentioned on the linked website it does not leave clothes with a particular scent other than clean.  I even added a little tea tree oil to mine since I typically added it to my laundry anyway to help combat musty odors thanks to GA humidity.  This is awesome!  The $8 I spent yesterday should do our laundry for 2 for a year or more.  

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