Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friend for a Day

Strangest thing happened earlier this week, when I got home Monday afternoon, the dogs accidentally got out. I searched up the road for them and found them in a neighbor's yard. Little Killer had found a friend. "Buddy" as I called him had been hanging around the neighbor's for several days and didn't have a collar. Clay and I had just been talking about maybe getting a big dog so I wondered if he was meant to be ours. I brought him home and he chilled out in the house with us all afternoon. He got along great with Chico and Killer and had a super sweet personality. I was getting to think that he was going to fit in well with our household. Later that afternoon I had to run to town and I put him out back in the 6 foot privacy fence until I got home since I wasn't sure if he was house trained. When I got home he was gone. I thought maybe somehow he squeezed through the doggie door so I looked all around the house but he was nowhere to be found. I kept thinking that he might show up again over the next few days, but it is as if he disappeared into thin air. Who knows where Buddy is now, but we all had a fun afternoon playing with the big teddy bear of dog though.

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