Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Family Vacation

Group photo minus the Weaver Hickerson family on our vacation Summer 2014.
Clay was in Savannah for work this week so we had loaded up the truck and hitched up the camper before he left to make it easier on me to head out and pick him up.  The dogs and I caught up with Clay off the interstate in Statesboro and kept trucking.

Lily enjoyed riding in Clay's seat but quickly got put in the back seat.

Killer was cool as a cucumber sitting on Clay's folded up cooler and smiling with her head cocked almost the entire trip.

We arrived around 7:30 to Faver-Dykes State Park  and got set up in site #21 which would be our new home for the next 4 days.  We had read online that ticks would be a problem so we made certain to treat the dogs prior to the trip and stocked up on bug spray.  We were pleased that although the sites are fairly close the trees and vines made each site seem more private.

We drove down to the dock to see where we would go kayaking later in the stay and what a gorgeous view on Pellicer Creek.

Our site was large and shady and included 30amp and water hookup, there was a dump station by the bathhouse.  We did end up with a lot of sand in the camper, it is difficult to keep it out especially with 2 doggies in and out.
During the day Clay and I would head over the Palm Coast and hang out with the family.  Little Norah is growing so fast and it was great to get to see her!  

We kidnapped mom a few times for outings.

We tried paddleboarding for our first outing.  We rented them at Tropical Kayaks and headed out onto the inter-coastal waterway.  Mom and I were paddleboarding and Clay had his kayak and amusement watching us.  We both took a tumble in the first couple of minutes but got back up and each time was easier.

We had a great time, but it is definitely a work out!  I can see a paddleboard purchase in my future.  Not sure how that will work on our river trips but would be great for lake paddling.

On the way back to the campground we stopped at Princess Place Preserve at the suggestion of the lady from Tropical Kayaks. This place was fascinating, there were no tours offered that day but we peeked in the windows and walked the grounds.  We saw the nation's first in-ground swimming pool feed by and artesian spring which was still spilling water over the sides.

Clay tried to pump us some "unsafe for drinking" water at the youth campground in Faver-Dykes park but he only got brown water to come out.

I got to frolic in the ocean in front of the family condo in Palm Coast.  

Johannah and Scott taking a walk down the beach at sunset.

We met everyone in Flagler Beach after dinner and went down the pier with Mema.  She got to see some fishermen catch a baby shark that mom held and a jellyfish getting swept along by the waves.  We also scoped out the beach since it was listed as a dog friendly one and we planned on taking the pooches there in the morning.

One of the most fun outings was kayaking on Pellicer Creek. We headed out with a sprinkle which was cooling and welcome.  Clay went fishing from his boat and caught a catfish and redfish, both too small to keep but good enough to make him happy.  Mom and I kayaked up into some of the marshy areas looking at egrets and  crabs.  These "grasshoppers" kept hopping out of the reeds and one landed in the boat and we realized the "grasshoppers" were shrimp.  Who knew shrimp jumped?
We even saw a couple of alligators which is why Lily wasn't able to go with us.  We can't keep Lily in the boat so we have to leave her at home where there are gators in the water.


We got up our last morning and took the dogs to Flagler Beach.  Several blocks either was from the piers the beach is dog friendly.  Unfortunately, there aren't any water hoses or spigots to wash the sand off before getting back in the vehicle so we learned to bring a gallon of fresh water next time. 

Lily had a blast, she chased her fancy ball around and I even let her off the leash to chase it.  Shhh...don't tell.  She was so happy.  We went out into the water and let her swim she hopped over waves and body-surfed like a champ.  Killer wasn't as thrilled but she settled down sitting in the surf with Clay.  We wore the dogs out and headed back to break down camp.  We got sprinkled on again while packing up which at least kept it cool.  We headed out and took the leisurely drive home up A1A.  

Monday, May 19, 2014


This little Facebook post just warmed my heart.  My best friend was so sweet to do this and made me tear up first thing in the morning.  For my 30th I had a nice and relaxing day planned and it turned out perfectly.  Clay and I took Lily and Killer first thing in the morning and went for a bike ride/walk with dad.  We got home showered up and ran to Subway to get sandwiches for our picnic lunch.  Some afternoon showers were rolling in when we headed toward Noah's Ark, luckily they blew in and out on the drive and just cooled the temp off a little.
The day could not have been better for roaming around the animal habitats.  I was so excited about this place, we have been talking about going for a long time and just finally made it.  The entry is free but we made a donation and bought a few souvenirs.  The animals seem so comfortable, unlike the feeling I got when we went to the Atlanta Zoo.  We wandered around and really took our time looking at, ducks with babies, Geese with goslings, a baby bear, peacocks, emu, ostrich, a wolf, a baboon, goats, pot-bellied pig, and some I am forgetting at the moment.
The facility was very clean and well maintained, and there were lots of volunteers working.  Some volunteers assisted with parking, a few were telling guests tidbits about the animals as people walked by the habitats, and some worked the store inside.  For souvenirs, Clay got me a beautiful ostrich egg which is sitting on our mantle now at home and a cute T-shirt of BLT.  We didn't get to see BLT, they were all sleeping this visit so we will definitely have to go back to see them. 

This peacock was squawking up in the tree, we had been wondering what was making the noise and finally realized this fella was up there.

Look at that adorable baby bear!!
We had a non-intended wildlife sighting of a big black snake climbing up this tree and then noticed the eggs inside that must have attracted the snake.
That evening Clay and I met mom and Sarah for sushi dinner in Macon.  I got some really cute colored bulbs for the awning of our new RV travel trailer from mom and I had to set them up in the yard just to get the feel.  It was a very low-key birthday but it was so enjoyable and non-stressful!
Coming soon....updates on our first true RV camping trip. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Building Kayak Racks

After a lot of talking and planning and looking on the internet for inspiration we came up with the plans for our rolling kayak rack.  Eric came down for moral support and assistance.
Luckily, dad came and provided expertise on the project.  We used 2x6 boards for the base and lagged them together.  We used 2x4 cut to almost the height of the garage for the risers.  We used wooden dowels near the top to provide more stability and would work to hold my watermelon (my green kayak).  The rack is 8 feet long and my watermelon is only 6 feet so we have an extra dowel on the opposite end to hang our life jackets.  On one side to provide both stability and extra storage for dry bags and such we put a peg board. The weather was too humid yesterday to paint it but we have some nice bright blue to paint the rack soon.  It has giant 6 inch casters on it so we can just roll it in and out of the garage.
We used nylon rope with washers to make the individual racks and strung a piece of PVC pipe on each one to help the boats roll in and out.  It really worked like a charm!

The almost finished project.  Still needs a coat of paint but already providing us the storage we wanted and it also makes it so easy for us to pick and choose which boats we want to take out without having to pull all them out and the gear will no longer be stacked inside the boats making it harder to access.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Fun!

 Can you guess what our costumes are going to be? 

I hit up Pinterest and got ideas for Halloween appropriate food items to take to the party we were invited to.  I decided to take one healthy item, assuming there would be lots of delicious junk food there so I made the tangerine pumpkins.

Our costumes came together very quickly. We eyeballed the outlines and cut the items out of foam insulation, then spray-painted them.  I cut out the eyes from colored paper and even made eyelashes for the Mrs. Pacman.

I made some delicious pimento cheese if I say so myself.  I used about a pound each of sharp Cabot white cheddar, and yellow Cabot sharp cheddar.  Roughly 2 cups of mayo, I sliced some roasted jarred red peppers.  Spices:  Lots of black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, chipotle chile powder, a little cayenne powder.
The finished products.

We got to the party and didn't know anyone because the couple that invited us had not arrived yet.  I was so glad that we had thought to ask what to bring so at least we came in bearing gifts.  We mingled and met lots of new people, I am so bad with names, I was wishing that we all had nametags.  We put out our food along with all the other goulish treats, there was a great spread!

Clay made sure I got a picture of the rib skeleton.  The whole house was decorated, ghosts and spiders and rats around every corner.  I was entertained all night just looking around at everything.  There were lots of good costumes too: Pop-eye and Olive oil, Elvis, Palm Reader, Niki Manaj, catwoman, medusa, a gladiator, and several others.  

The little bones on the table above were marshmallows stuck on the ends of pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate and they were Amazing!  Clay and I kept going back for more of those.  Our friend, who was the palm reader passed out little Pixie stick love potions.  They also had contests for best costume which we all voted on and guess how many M&Ms were in a jar.  I was nowhere close!  Clay and I won a surprise prize for best entertainment when we were being "played" via pretend joystick.  I was ghost-chasing Clay around the living room and he was being "controlled" by Elvis with his microphone turned Joystick.